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The PeeSport PeePal Bottle Deal
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Quit the Toilet Commute & Live Without Pain or Interruptions

🕝 Calculated time savings — 182 hrs/year of commuting to (likely) unclean or uncomfortable toilets.

2024 PeePal Special code: PEEPAL-SAVE20
🎆 Buy 1, Get 1 50% OFF with Free Shipping

Money-Back Guarantees
💰 For Any Reason: Within 30 Days!
⚒️ Durability: 1 Year Guarantee!
🤣 Laughter: When You Open It!

Product Specifications
💦 Leak-proof engineering
⛰️ Durable silicone, degradation-resistant
🦠 Odor-free & naturally antibacterial 
🌊 Holds up to 3 pees = 700 ml
🚺 Wide splash-proof cup for all sizes
🧽 Easy to clean and dishwash safe

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  • Enjoy a Stress-Free Experience

    PeeSport is made with anti-leak and anti-odor technology. Let your worries dissolve with every use.

  • 1 Year Durability Guarantee

    PeeSport's high-grade silicone is designed to last a lifetime. If your PeeSport breaks within 1 year, we'll ship you a replacement.

  • Unbox Smiles and Laughs

    Your PeeSport comes with a sprinkle of humor. Enjoy our jokes and 'compeeliments' for a delightful unboxing experience.

  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

    If PeeSport doesn't help you pee with glee for any reason, we'll send you a full refund and use your feedback.

Not a Cheap, Leaky, Smelly Urine Bottle

If you're looking for a low-class pee bottle, PeeSport is NOT for you. This is a premium product with a premium price. Pee anywhere with class.

Perfect for Peeing With Your Pals

Men and Women use PeeSport for their adventures, for saving time, and for not worrying about the next toilet.

Made by Two Sons Who Want Their Dads to Be Active

We're Jacques & Henry. We have dads who pee. As with aging, their machinery doesn't work as well as it used to. We created the PeeSport™ to help them be free from their bladders.

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pee bottle for men

Men—Pee With Dignity Without Grossing Anyone Out

Commuting to the toilet interrupts your life and wastes your time. Stop tolerating it, whether you're driving, hunting, sleeping, or adventuring.

Women—You Can Pee Hygienically Anywhere

The PeeSport empowers you to pee standing up or sitting down. The wide cup prevents splashes for all shapes and bodies.

Don't Be Low Class, Pee With Dignity

It's easy to use and clean. It fills three pees and doesn't look like a container for urine. You won't get any weird looks.

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Fully Leak-Proof Engineering

PeeSport Version 2.0 has been engineered with a 1 year leak-proof guarantee.

Tested with All Shapes and Sizes

The PeeSport Pee Bottle works with all shapes and sizes. Young or old!

Portable, Light, & Lifetime-Durable

The non-porous silicone is naturally anti-bacterial and degradation resistant.

Listen, we researched all the alternatives. It grossed us out.

They are all ugly, cheap, bulky or impractical.

For men, let's face it, most pee bottles look exactly like what they are – containers for urine. Or worse, a cheap plastic bottle filled with urine. The one you want to hide!

For women, you have to use a pee funnel or you risk spillage. Pee funnels are wonderful, but they don’t come with a reservoir. The PeeSport is both a pee funnel & pee bottle.

Pee with your dignity intact, worry-free.

PeeSport Pee Bottle - PeeSport

Compact, Discreet, and Flexible

You can stuff it in your bag thanks to its flexible design.

PeeSport Pee Bottle - PeeSport

Built tough, Built for Adventure

PeeSport is made from antibacterial durable silicone. It doesn't degrade.

The co-founder of the pee bottle for men and women.

Meet the Founders

We love the outdoors and human biology. We believe peeing shouldn't hold anyone back from adventure.

We hope PeeSport helps hunters, boaters, fishermen, golfers and more stay active. We use our profits to educate people about healthy lifestyles, especially the importance of community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it cost $39?

It’s NOT for everyone. Some are happy peeing in a cheap, smelly, leaky bottle they need to hide.

1 PeeSport is the highest-class pee bottle on the market. It’s a premium product for a premium price.

2 We invested $1000s to design a splash-proof and leak-proof lid. If PeeSport leaks within one year, you get your money back & keep your PeeSport.

3 We chose the highest-grade, degradation-resistant, odor-free silicone we could. It’s also anti-bacterial. Unlike the cheap pee bottles online, you'll only need to buy once!

4 Shipping is included, and we have three moneyback guarantees. Leak-proof, durability, and 30 Day!

How many pees can it handle?

700mls: 3 average pees.

Does it work for Women?

Yes, PeeSport is unisex. Check out our reviews from Women!

Has it been tested it for leaks?

PeeSport is fully-leak-proof, if you seal the cap properly.

Do you have a larger size?

PeeSport XL is on its way. Join our email list for when it launches.

How is it be odor-free?

Silicone is naturally odor-free and anti-bacterial. It's nonporous.