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Special Wipes Made For Your (Most) Special Parts

✅ Clean yourself without a shower.
✅ Don't get pee residue on your clothes.
✅ Prevent UTIs and infections.

Product Specifications
🔟 10 pack of 8"x 8" wipes
💦 Perfect level of moisture, not dry not wet
⛰️ Strong absorbent bamboo cloth
🌲 Unbleached, organic & sustainably sourced

 Money-Back Guarantees
💰 For Any Reason: Within 30 Days!

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  • Optimized Moisture

  • Organic Bamboo

  • Reusable Degradable

  • BPA-Free & Nontoxic

Rip Proof Bamboo For Exploring

PeePee Wipes are stronger than cotton and do not degrade when wet like normal tissue.

Designed for Your Pee Pee Parts

Our body wipes are soft enough to be used on all your special parts. They're ultra-absorbent and perfectly moist.

For Your Body, For Your Planet

Bamboo is a sustainable alternative to regular trees. Our tissue is also unbleached & organic, avoiding the use of chemicals.

Tissue For Your Beautiful Parts... And The Beautiful Planet

When you're miles from the nearest shower or sink, our bamboo tissue ensures you're clean, dry, and ready to continue your journey.

1. Bamboo, not Cotton
Bamboo isn't just for pandas. It's a super-fast-growing plant, with greater tensile strength than cotton.

2. Ultra Softness
Perfect for sensitive skin, it promises comfort without compromise. It's so gentle, you can trust it with your most delicate areas.

3. Rip-Proof Durability
Soft doesn't mean fragile. Our bamboo tissues stand strong, ensuring they're there for you when you need them most.

4. Clean & Green
Unbleached and sustainably sourced, PeeSport Bamboo Tissue is the eco-conscious choice.

5. Portable & Biodegradable
Slim, portable, and biodegradable – PeeSport Bamboo Tissues are the hiker's dream.

PeePee Wipes are the hiker's answer to staying fresh and eco-friendly on the go. So, the next time you pack for an adventure, make sure PeeSport is on your checklist.