• PeeSport Female Urinal Device helps you stay clean and comfortable.

PremiumNot Cheap, Leaky, Smelly

💦 Leak-Proof Latch Lid

⛰️ Degradation-Resistant Silicone

🦠 Odor-Free & Antibacterial 

🌊 Up to 700mls, 3 pees

⭕ Wide splash-proof cup

🧽 Easy to clean in dishwasher

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  • Verified 5-Star Review for the PeeSport Female Portable Urinal.

The Odor-Free Luxury Hygienic Option

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  • Highest Class On Market

  • Seal & Latch System

  • Lifetime Durability

  • Premium Silicone

End Your Bladder Distress & Detours

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"I have ms and can get caught short often. Peesport is the answer. Discrete to use perfect for camping and festivals. Takes away any panic when out and about. Great product. I would highly recommend."

— Roxan's Review

Listen, we researched all the options.

There is no pee bottle that works for women. Only pee funnels. The PeeSport is the new women's pee device.

Now, women can pee anywhere too.

Before PeeSport, you had to use a pee funnel or you risked spillage. Pee funnels are wonderful, but they don’t come with a reservoir. The PeeSport womens pee device is both a pee funnel & pee bottle.

Did You Know?

The average woman will spend 2432 days commuting & waiting for toilets in their lifetime. That's 7 years. Don't be an average woman!

The PeeSport women's pee device is better than a pee funnel.

A pee funnel & bottle in one device.

The PeeSport Women's Pee Device is pee funnel and pee bottle in one device!

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Quit Waiting & Commuting for Toilets

This interrupts your life and wastes your time. Stop tolerating the detours.

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No more incontinence

Reduce Your Risk For UTIs

Holding in urine with a full bladder can cause UTIs and kidney damage.

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PeeSport Pee Bottle - PeeSport

Naturally Odor Free & Anti-Bacterial

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Fully Leak-Proof Lid with Latch

Upgrade Your Peeing Game
pee bottle for women

Tested By All Shapes, Sizes, & Bladders

PeeSport for Women

Portable, light, & lifetime-durable.

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PeeSport Pee Bottle - PeeSport

Compact, discreet, and flexible.

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Meet the Founders

We created the PeeSport Women's Pee Bottle to help trailblazing women pee anywhere, just like men do.

Except, men usually leave their odor. Gross.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it cost $39?

It’s NOT for everyone. Some are happy peeing in a cheap, smelly, leaky bottle they need to hide.

1 PeeSport is the highest-class pee bottle on the market. It’s a premium product for a premium price.

2 We invested $1000s to design a splash-proof and leak-proof lid. If PeeSport leaks within one year, you get your money back & keep your PeeSport.

3 We chose the highest-grade, degradation-resistant, odor-free silicone we could. It’s also anti-bacterial. Unlike the cheap pee bottles online, you'll only need to buy once!

4 Shipping is included, and we have three moneyback guarantees. Leak-proof, durability, and 30 Day!

How many pees can it handle?

700mls: 3 average pees.

Does it work for Women?

Yes, PeeSport is unisex. Check out our reviews from Women!

Has it been tested it for leaks?

PeeSport is fully-leak-proof, if you seal the cap properly.

Do you have a larger size?

PeeSport XL is on its way. Join our email list for when it launches.

How can it be odor-free?

Silicone is naturally odor-free and anti-bacterial. It's nonporous.