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How to use the pee bottle for men

The odor resistant urinal bottle made by two sons.

We're Jacques (in the GIF) & Henry. We have dads who pee. As our dads have gotten older, sometimes things don't work as well as they used to.

The PeeSport Urinal Bottle is here to help men be free again, when there's no bathroom in sight. We want our dads to stay active & you too!

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PeeSport pee bottle for men can be used on the golf course.

Never again let your bladder hold you back.

The PeeSport Urinal Bottle is made for men who don't want to be held back. In their car, aboard their boat, on the golf course, or during the hunt.

Peeing doesn't have to prevent you from staying active and doing the things you enjoy.

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Made for all sizes, bodies and bladders.

The The PeeSport Urinal Bottle works with all shapes and bladder sizes. But we also have an XL size for big boys.

Whether young or old, we all have to pee. And it's inconvenient to stop our adventure to find a restroom.

PeeSport XL

No more being perceived as disrespectful.

Jacques here. Look, we researched all the other pee bottles in existence. They look like containers for urine or medical devices.

Your deserve better and so do your friends and family. Don't be seen with an ugly piss jug.

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No more sleep interruptions going to the bathroom.

Whether you're in your tent, your campervan, or your big house, frequent peeing at night is inconvenient and disruptive.

PeeSport is your dignified solution to getting back to bed ASAP, so you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready for adventure.

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pee bottle for men

Compact, discreet, and ready when you are.

The PeeSport Urinal Bottle expands so it can hold up to 4 pees!

You can stuff it in your bag when it is not full, thanks to its flexible design.

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Crafted to withstand the test of time and terrain.

The PeeSport Urinal Bottle is made from anti-bacterial durable silicone.

Doesn't degrade, you can put it in the dishwasher, it lasts you 5 years.

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The PeeSport pee bottle for men is not cheap or ugly.

Relieve yourself with your dignity intact.

The PeeSport Urinal Bottle is reusable, odor-free, and looks like a water bottle.

It doesn't look like a GROSS urine bottle that you want to hide.

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We researched the alternatives.

They are all ugly, cheap, bulky or impractical.

For men, let's face it, most pee bottles look exactly like what they are – containers for urine. Or worse, a cheap plastic bottle filled with urine. The one you want to hide!

The PeeSport is not just another pee bottle. Here's why:

Expandable Design:

The telescoping design allows the bottle to expand its capacity from 240 mL to a whopping 700 mL. This means you can use it multiple times without the need for frequent emptying.


Nobody wants to carry around a pee bottle that reeks. The PeeSport pee bottle is designed to be odor-free, ensuring that you won't be left with any unpleasant smells after use.

Aesthetically Pleasing:

Let's face it, most pee bottles look exactly like what they are – containers for urine. Not the PeeSport. It's sleek, modern, and resembles a water bottle more than a urine container. You won't feel the need to hide it away.

High-Quality Material:

Made from anti-bacterial durable silicone, the PeeSport pee bottle is built to last. It's resistant to degradation, and you can even pop it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


Whatever your size, the PeeSport pee bottle has got you covered. The PeeSport XL exists to handle up to 7 large pees.


It's reusable, reducing the need for disposable solutions, and its odor-free design means you won't be polluting the environment with unpleasant smells.

Perfect for Adventures:

Whether you're hiking, golfing, road tripping, canoeing, skydiving, or attending a festival, the PeeSport pee bottle is your perfect companion. Simply expand it, pee in it, cap it, and you're ready to continue your adventure.

Listen to a PeeSport Athlete Explain The Superior Design 👇🏽

The co-founder of the pee bottle for men and women.

Meet the Co-founders.

We're Henry & Jacques, two sons of fathers who pee. Henry's father is incontinent and my father inspired me to study public health.

We developed PeeSport for active men with aging... you know... machinery. We hope PeeSport helps hunters, boaters, fishermen, and golfers stay active regardless of frequent peeing.

We love the outdoors and we love human biology. We believe peeing shouldn't hold anyone back from adventure.

We use our profits to educate people about healthy lifestyles, expecially the importance of community.

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