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Mike W.
I keep them in my car

I bought two of these, one blue and one purple. I them keep in my vehicle for when I'm stuck in city traffic jams or out of town on the open road. They are more compact than the old style plastic urinals. I haven't actually had to use them yet.

Before actual use, I suggest you experiment with the seal on the bottle. Make sure the top assembly is screwed tightly onto the bottle and practice pressing the flip-top seal down into place. I found with the blue bottle it was easier to align the flip-top than the purple one. But with practice, they both sealed OK.

Peeing in my tree stand

Great product. I can pee anywhere now. No leaking and it's an excellent storage container until your ready to empty. I bought 3, gave one to a friend of mine. He loves it too!

Karl D.
I got to pee

Great product. Thank you


I paid for two day shipping and the product too far too long to ship. Don’t bother paying extra for expedited shipping.

Neil W.
The PeeSport is going to save the day and the night

I ordered my PeeSport and it was shipped promptly. Since then I've used it mainly at night so I don't have to get up with trips to the bathroom to pee, which is often two or three times every night. I keep it on the floor beside the bed. The only drawback is that it will barely hold two pees, and certainly not three. That's my only complaint. Perhaps it could be made to a larger capacity like 1 liter.

Brent S.
Great for road trips and camping

What a great product, better design all around than other brands. Great for long road trips and camping

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