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PeeSport Odor Destroyer

PeeSport Odor Destroyer

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The PeeSport PeePal Bottle Deal

Make Your Pee Odorless.

🔟 100 Tablet Pack

🌍 Free of Hazardous, Toxic Chemicals

👃 Light Refreshing Scent

🚽 Biodegradable & Safe for Septic Systems


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  • The PeeSport Male Urinal Bottle far exceeded my expectations as I've tried many in the past to find the right one for my adventures.

Not a Cheap, Leaky, Smelly Urine Bottle

If you're looking for a low-class pee bottle, PeeSport is NOT for you. This is a premium product with a premium price. Pee anywhere with class.

Perfect for Peeing With Your Pals

Men and Women use PeeSport for their adventures, for saving time, and for not worrying about the next toilet.

We Want Our Parents to Live Without Stress

We have parents who pee, and their machinery doesn't work as well as it used to. We created PeeSport™ to help our parents be free from their bladders.

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  • Enjoy a Stress-Free Experience

    PeeSport is made with anti-leak and anti-odor technology. Let your worries dissolve with every use.

  • 1 Year Durability Guarantee

    PeeSport's high-grade silicone is designed to last a lifetime. If your PeeSport breaks within 1 year, we'll ship you a replacement.

  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

    If PeeSport doesn't help you pee with glee for any reason, we'll send you a full refund and use your feedback.

pee bottle for men

Men—Pee With Dignity Without Grossing Anyone Out

Commuting to the toilet interrupts your life and wastes your time. Stop tolerating it, whether you're driving, hunting, sleeping, or adventuring.

Women—You Can Pee Hygienically Anywhere

The PeeSport empowers you to pee standing up or sitting down. The wide cup prevents splashes for all shapes and bodies.

Tested with All Shapes and Sizes

The PeeSport Pee Bottle works with all shapes and sizes. Young or old!

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We researched all the alternatives. It grossed us out.

They are all ugly, cheap, bulky or impractical.

For men, let's face it, most pee bottles look exactly like what they are – containers for urine. Or worse, a cheap plastic bottle filled with urine. The one you want to hide!

For women, you have to use a pee funnel or you risk spillage. Pee funnels are wonderful, but they don’t come with a reservoir. The PeeSport is both a pee funnel & pee bottle.

Pee with your dignity intact, worry-free.