Creators of Performance Pee Bottle Brand Are Making Peeing Cool - PeeSport

Creators of Performance Pee Bottle Brand Are Making Peeing Cool

Creators of Performance Pee Bottle Brand Are Making Peeing Cool

“Do you find your bladder draining? Is your bathroom restraining you? Are you ready to flex your bladder muscles? ‘Urine’ good company.” These are some of the funny branding messages you’ll find when you're on the PeeSport Pee Bottle website.

PeeSport™️, touted the future of peeing, is run by Jacques and Henry, two twenty-something Vancouver-based entrepreneurs who have a strong belief: In the future, no one will waste time commuting to toilets. Equipped with the first beautifully designed performance pee bottle, it's certainly possible.

Search online for pee bottles and all you'll find are medical products that look like what they are—containers for urine. And that was the opportunity for a performance pee bottle brand.

Started as a fun side project, PeeSport picked up momentum with viral TikTok videos and features in GearJunkie and PinkBike. "I said to myself 'Wow, people actually want this product!'" said Henry, describing the beginning of PeeSport in January 2023.

As the project evolved, they kept receiving emails from incontinent elders, injured surfers, truckers, festival-goers, hikers, and beyond, expressing their thanks for the product. "We didn't know we'd help so many people with such a personal issue." With the momentum, Jacques and Henry became more passionate than ever about pee bottles. And their mission crystalized: To destigmatize peeing.

“Every day, humans waste half an hour searching or commuting for toilets. This adds up to 182 hours per year,” says Jacques. “The main reason people tolerate this is because peeing in a bottle is not normal… and it looks gross. PeeSport is changing all this.”

Carefully designed with odor-free silicone, the PeeSport doesn't look like a container for urine. It is engineered and tested to be fully leak-proof, so there's no smell to worry about. The scent-free movement in offices and public spaces is one thing, but the smell of urine is a whole other degree of odor...

Just as workers have been less willing to commute to the office, Henry and Jacques are betting that humans will be less willing to commute to the toilet too. And just as gender-inclusive bathrooms, nudity, and deodorant-free spaces have become more socially acceptable, they're betting peeing in a bottle will become the same too.

PeeSport is not just a pee bottle, it's a performance pee bottle designed for exploring beyond the bathroom. Hence, Henry and Jacques are creating an inspirational Nike-like brand... revolving around a pee bottle. I know, it's ironic and hilarious.

The irony of a pee bottle company teaching you how to be a high performer is illustrated in their first Peeptalk, Embrace Your Body.

Whether normal or not, you can't deny it... there are a lot of situations where a pee bottle would come in handy. Perhaps PeeSport is addressing one of the most natural problems of being human: finding a toilet.

'May you find freedom from your bladder.'

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