(2024) Top 5 Portable Urinals for Men on Market: Camping & Car Travel

(2024) Top 5 Portable Urinals for Men on Market: Camping & Car Travel

I'm Jacques, a co-founder at PeeSport. We're always on the lookout for amazing pee bottle products. It inspires us to make our product even better.

In my latest review of the male pee bottle market, I didn't find many inspiring alternatives.

The other collapsible pee bottle you'll find on Amazon did not make the list, because it is cheaply made and leaked when we tested it.

Below, you'll find links to the most notable pee bottles I found, their pros and cons.

1. PeeSport Performance Pee Bottle For Men

  • Pros: Collapsible for portability. Anti-odor and-bacterial silicone. Cup for splash-free peeing.
  • Cons: Expensive. Lower volume at 700mls.
  • Cost: $35 with code FREEDOM15

2. TilCare Glow in the Dark Lid Male Urinal

  • Pros: Thick plastic for durability and glows in the dark for nighttime peeing.
  • Cons: Cheaper, odor-collecting plastic. Ugly.
  • Cost: $13

3. Laojou 1200 ml Plastic Male Pee Bottle

  • Pros: Screw on lid, handle for portability, and blue color hides the urine.
  • Cons: Cheaper, odor-collecting plastic. Ugly.
  • Cost: $13

4. TravelJohn Resealable Disposable Urinal

  • Pros: Disposable, so it won't smell. Super portable.
  • Cons: You have to buy it over and over again.
  • Cost: $17.50 for 6-pack

5. OOCOME Male Portable Urinal with Tube

  • Pros: Largest capacity at 2000mls. Comes with tube for bed.
  • Cons: Clunky. Not ideal for travel.
  • Cost: $22


For portability and adventure, the PeeSport still reigns supreme as the ultimate male pee bottle.

For bedridden people, the OOCOME is best because of its hose and high-volume.

PeeSport ranked 1st in three categories!

  1. Portability — PeeSport was the only leak-proof collapsible pee bottle.
  2. Material — Other pee bottles do NOT use silicone, which is naturally odor and bacteria resistant.
  3. Aesthetic — Alternatives look like what they are... containers for urine.

Competitors beat PeeSport in their maximum volume. But who pees more than 24 oz anyway? The average FULL bladder is 18 oz, so you won't have to worry about overflowing your PeeSport.


I will update this post periodically if I find better products.

Cheers to gleeful peeing,

Jacques, Co-Founder

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