• PeeSport Portable Urinal Bottle for men has been featured in Gearjunkie and has 311 reviews.
PeeSport Male Urinal Bottle is expandable.

Premium—not Cheap, Leaky, or Smelly

💦 Leak-Proof Lid with Latch & Seal

⛰️ Wear & Tear-Resistant Silicone

🦠 Odor-Free & Anti-Bacterial 

🌊 Up to 700mls, 3 average pees

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This is how to use the PeeSport Male Urinal Bottle

Never Rush to the Toilet Again

❌ Feeling Like You Might Pee Yourself

❌ Worrying About the Next Toilet

❌ Wasting Time Toilet-Commuting

❌ Nighttime Interruptions

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  • "Better than all the rest!"

    This 5 star review should actually be like a 12 star review. This bottle far exceeded my expectations as I’ve tried many in the past to find the right one for my adventures.

    It’s made to be durable and discreet and so easy and convenient to use. Clean, sanitary, doesn’t smell, and best of all, so easy to clean."
    — Bryce, USA

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  • Highest Class On Market

    Not a cheap disposable.

  • Engineer Crafted Design

    Seal & latch mechanism.

  • Lifetime Durability

    You won't neet to rebuy.

  • Premium Silicone

    Odor & germ-resistant.

We researched all the options. It grossed us out.

Go on Amazon and see for yourself. They're all ugly, cheap, bulky or impractical. They'll also make you look like a hospital patient.

For men, let's face it, most pee bottles look exactly like what they are – containers for urine. Or worse, a cheap plastic bottle filled with urine. The one you want to hide! They're made of disposable material, which develops smells. They'll also make you look like a hospital patient.

Pee with your dignity intact, worry-free.

We're Two Sons Who Want Our Dads to Live Stress-Free

We're Henry & Jacques

We have dads who pee. As with aging, their machinery doesn't work as well. We created the PeeSport™ to help men be free from their prostates.

We love the outdoors and human biology. We believe peeing shouldn't hold anyone back from adventure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it cost $39?

It's made of the highest-grade silicone we could find, the lid cost $1000s to develop, and we have a 1-Year Durability Guarantee!

Long Version — PeeSport is NOT for everyone. Some are happy peeing in a cheap, smelly, leaky bottle that they need to hide.

PeeSport is the highest-class pee bottle on the market. It’s a premium product for a premium price.

We chose the highest-grade, degradation-resistant, odor-free silicone we could. Unlike the cheap hospital-looking pee bottles online, you'll only need to buy PeeSport once.

We also have two guarantees that matter to you: 1. Leak-Proofness! 2. One-Year of Durability.

How do I use it?

Three Simple Steps. 1. Expand the PeeSport. 2. Position the PeeSport over your special parts and (optional) make a seal to your body. 3. Relieve. 4. Press down on the latch lid. Ta-dah.

How many pees can it handle?

PeeSport can hold up to 3 average pees, or 24 oz (700ml)!

Does it work for Women?

Yes, PeeSport's splash-proof cup is designed for both men and women.

Women love two things about it. 1. It is one-piece unlike a pee funnel. 2. It allows them to pee standing up.

Has it been tested it for leaks?

During testing, we hung a full PeeSport upside down for 24 hours. It didn't leak!

So Yes! PeeSport is fully leak-proof if you seal the cap properly.

Do you have a larger size?

PeeSport can hold up to 3 average pees. It's the perfect size to fit in a cupholder or in your bag.

Need something bigger? PeeSport 2.0 is currently in development. It will have 50% more capacity.

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Is it odor-free?

PeeSport is made of high-grade silicone material, not cheap plastic like others.

Silicone is naturally odor-resistant and anti-bacterial. It's nonporous, meaning if you looked at it under a microscope, it would be smooth.

Of course, pee residue left in the bottle will eventually smell. So cleaning is necessary! That's why we made it dishwasher safe.

How long does shipping take?

We ship from our California warehouse Monday-Friday. Most PeeSports are shipped the same day or within 1 business day.

USA shipping generally takes 3-4 days. International shipping takes 4-7 business days.

Can't hold it in any longer? Express shipping is available.

How do returns & replacements work?

We have three guarantees!

30-Day Trial: Try your PeeSport and if you don't like it, you get a refund with free return shipping.

1-Year Durability: If your PeeSport breaks within 1 year, we'll ship you a free replacement!

Leak-Proofness: If your PeeSport leaks, even if you sealed it properly, we'll ship you a replacement that doesn't leak.

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Great for road trips

Before I got this item I would have to stop at every single bathroom during a road trip. This is saving me so much time and energy that I can't wait to go on more road trips now that I have it.

Gucci of pee bottles !

I travel the world and always have my pee sport with me! I call my my “Peace sport” I never have to worry about finding a bathroom because I always have a bathroom wherever I go. This product is sooooo high quality that it will “piss” you and others off. Highly recommend having one or 2 pee sports and some for your friends as well for camping, traveling , driving etc you’re welcome in advanced!


the material used is outstanding! Also never a smell….. best one on the market !


I got it for my diabetic brother he loves the product, especially at night. Sure does hold a lot of liquid


Have not used it yet

the best invention ever