(2024) Top 5 Female Pee Bottles & Portable Urinals on Market

(2024) Top 5 Female Pee Bottles & Portable Urinals on Market

I'm Jacques, a co-founder at PeeSport. We're always on the lookout for amazing pee bottle products. It inspires us to make our female pee bottle even better.

In my latest review of the female pee bottle market, I actually found some cool products. You'll see them below.

The other collapsible pee bottle you'll find on Amazon did not make the list, because it leaked when we tested it.

Below you'll find links to the most notable female pee bottles I found, their pros and cons.

1. PeeSport Performance Pee Bottle For Women

  • Pros: Collapsible & portable for camping and car travel. Anti-odor & and-bacterial silicone. Cup for peeing.
  • Cons: Expensive. Lower volume at 700mls.
  • Cost: $35 with code: FREEDOM15

2. Loona Female Pee Bottle and Bedside Portable Urinal

  • Pros: Aesthetic design with soft silicone cup for perfect seal. HSA eligible.
  • Cons: Big. Not very portable.
  • Cost: $40

3. Innovative Designworks Female Pee Bottle and Portable Urinal

  • Pros: Bestseller. Handle for portability, low-price point.
  • Cons: Cheaper, odor-collecting plastic. Ugly.
  • Cost: $17

4. OOCOME Female Pee Bottle and Urinal with Hose

  • Pros: Largest capacity at 2000mls. Comes with tube for bed or wheelchair.
  • Cons: Clunky. Not ideal for travel. Looks like medical device.
  • Cost: $21

5. OUMEE Disposable Urine Bags

  • Pros: Makes your pee turn into gel. Cup-design for women.
  • Cons: Disposable.
  • Cost: $8 for 8 pack.



For portability and adventure, the PeeSport still reigns supreme as the ultimate female pee bottle. Its portability is unrivaled. And it is made of anti-bacterial silicone, unlike the others.

For the bedside, Loona is my recommendation. It looks beautiful and the cup is designed by doctors. It's also FSA or HSA eligible!

For immobile women, the OOCOME is best. It has a hose and high-volume.

I will update this post periodically if I find better products.

Cheers to gleeful peeing, ladies.

Jacques, Co-Founder

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